How to Prevent Fertiliser Burn

Fertiliser burn refers to the scorching or drying up of plant leaves after fertilisers have been applied. This situation can retard the growth rate of your plants. In extreme cases, the plants can die. Several measures can be taken to avert this situation. This article discusses some of those measures. Know Your Plants Each plant has its own specific nutrient needs. For example, some plants can thrive in an environment that is rich in nitrogen, while other plants may not survive such conditions. [Read More]

6 Drainfield Care Tips to Ensure Your Septic Tank Lasts Longer

Everybody that has a septic tank on their property will need to think about maintenance because septic tank failure can be disastrous on your property. Septic systems are mostly used in rural areas beyond the reach of municipal sewage collection lines. Once they are installed properly, however, you only need to do a few things to ensure they keep functioning efficiently on your property. The leaching bed/drain field is the lifeline of your septic system: once waste is broken down to liquid and solids settle, the liquid seeps into the leaching bed where bacteria feed on organic waste and eventually clean the water. [Read More]

Curbing The Carbs: What To Look For When Choosing Food For Your Diabetic Dog

Hearing the diagnosis that your beloved dog has diabetes can be a worrying event, but with the right care and attention there is no reason why a diabetic dog can't live as long and healthy a life as a dog in perfect health. However, keeping a diabetic dog in good health and avoiding health problems caused by poor diabetes management requires certain precautions to be taken, and making sure your dog is eating the right diet is probably the most important. [Read More]